Dear AIBP Members and Friends:

The Alabama India Business Partnerships (AIBP) is a private, non-profit membership organization, established in 2005, in the State of Alabama. The purpose of the organization is to bring Alabama professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners together with their counterparts in India to exchange ideas, network, and share experiences to build mutually beneficial business partnerships.

In the new global economy, India is place of significant economic activity, making a compelling business case to leverage opportunities arising there. The Indian American community living in Alabama with its vibrant business activities is in a position to capitalize on these opportunities. Thus, the AIBP has a unique role to play in spurring business opportunities between Alabama and India.

I invite you to join the AIBP organization and share its vision and commitment to expand relationships between Alabama and India. Take advantage of AIBP meetings and programs that offer unique opportunities to learn more about India and network with a variety of individuals including state and corporate officials, business executives, scientists, engineers, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, students, and Alabama citizens.

We are grateful to our members and corporate sponsors and look forward to working together.

With Sincerest Regards,

Hilda Lockhart President